The new Apiando
Fulfilment Centre

We prepare for the future – with the new Apiando fulfilment centre in Koblenz For us, being ready for the future means that, in addition to the operational aspects and the most modern, technological equipment of our warehouse and logistics facility, we also consider ecological and social aspects from the very beginning. The demands of our customers, the wishes of our employees and the issue of sustainability were already considered during the decision-making processes when designing our new fulfilment centre.

– and this is why our fulfilment centre in Koblenz was created, which meets the highest and most modern standards.

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The Apiando fulfilment centre
modern technologies and innovative logistics solutions

Our goal is to be able to offer our customers as wide a range of services as possible. We have realised this goal with our new logistics centre in Koblenz. With additional warehouse space, state-of-the-art technologies, more options for order picking and for receiving and delivering goods, we were able to expand our range of services and now meet all requirements for comprehensive fulfilment services.

The modern logistics centre offers optimal connections to the international transport network and, thanks to innovative technologies, ensures that we and our customers are also perfectly prepared for growth over the coming years.

Our fulfilment service at the logistics centre in Koblenz covers the entire process of online trade. From accepting the order to invoicing, packaging, franking and dispatching goods and also organising returns. It is cost-effective for online retailers to outsource their warehousing and logistics, and as an experienced fulfilment service provider, we are always on hand to help you through all your stages of growth.

The Apiando Fulfilment centre

  • Powerful, digital infrastructure with quick onboarding thanks to transparent interfaces (including JTL-Fulfillment Network)
  • Modern, diverse and independently audited warehouse and logistics space
  • Comprehensive safety regulations regarding personal protection and warehouse safety
  • Optimal connections with rail siding, proximity to the CONTARGO container port and a central location in the heart of Germany
  • Efficient order processing just-in-time or just-in-sequence
  • Packaging suitable for shipping and punctual delivery
  • Value-added services can be booked (e.g. labelling or repackaging)
  • Reliable returns management and processing of Amazon FBA returns

Optimal location in Koblenz
Our new fulfilment centre

When choosing the location for our new fulfilment centre, we deliberately focused on the added value for our customers. In the immediate vicinity of our warehouses and logistics facilities is the Güterverkehrszentrum Koblenz, GVZ for short, which is considered the hub of rail, ship and lorry transport in Koblenz and also makes international transports possible without any issues. The new Apiando fulfilment centre is therefore not only capable of modern and efficient warehouse management, but also serves as an ideal logistics location with first-class connections to the infrastructure. The Apiando fulfilment centre is also ideally located for forwarding transports and carriers and guarantees fast accessibility.

In the optimally networked Güterverkehrszentrum Koblenz, Apiando is building a new, modern logistics location with the general contractor Goldbeck, which will also meet the increasing logistics needs of customers over more than 10,000 m². This is how we respond to our customers’ growth in turnover – because we do not focus on the current status, but prepare for the future today.

Our new logistics centre at the Koblenz site offers all services, from warehousing and order picking to receiving and delivering goods. For storage, our new logistics centre has around 8,000 pallet spaces for a wide range of goods categories. The latest high rack technology and modern order picking routes complement our modern storage areas.

Our guide
How to find your ideal
fulfilment logistics provider

When looking for a suitable fulfilment partner, you should know in advance what kind of warehousing and shipping you need and which tasks you want to outsource. It does not matter whether the distribution centre is close to you – what is more important is the proximity to the target market of your goods and what services your fulfilment provider can provide.

Ask yourself the following questions beforehand:

  • For what kind of goods do I need logistics space?
  • What quantities and classes of goods are involved?
  • What are my business and growth goals?
  • Does the fulfilment provider offer flexible logistics space?
  • Does the fulfilment service provider support my shop system?
  • Do I want to ship goods internationally and can the fulfilment service provider guarantee this?
  • How do I ensure that the products can be delivered to the logistics centre?
  • Do I need short-term or long-term solutions for my goods management?

In a personal discussion, we will find the best offer together to optimise and automate your logistics processes in a cost-saving and revenue-increasing manner. Simply contact us directly.

Insights @ Apiando
A look inside our new logistics hall in Koblenz

For the benefit of our environment
Our sustainable fulfilment centre

In the construction of our new logistics hall, it was clear to us that only a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction approach would be considered. The new fulfillment building therefore meets all the requirements for an Efficiency Building 40 according to the Federal Funding for Efficient Buildings (BEG). Furthermore, our logistics areas are entirely energetically optimised, featuring thermally insulated hall roofs and photovoltaic systems with storage functions.

Our new location brings together everything that is technically possible, meeting the most advanced logistics requirements. With the move, we centralised our warehouses to achieve maximum efficiency – all without compromising on environmental standards. As a leading fulfillment provider and e-commerce expert, Apiando is committed to scalability and customer growth without neglecting the sustainable use of resources.

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More Information

Energy-efficient and sustainable
The modern Apiando fulfilment centre

Apiando stands for efficiency and quality. This applies not only to our logistics services but also to our sustainability strategy. As one of the leading logistics providers in Germany, we place special emphasis on environmental protection and climate friendliness. Ecological sustainability is deeply embedded in our company philosophy, and naturally, we consistently prioritize sustainable and resource-efficient practices in all logistics services. With Apiando Green Logistics, we work every day to reduce our carbon footprint.

Efficient, IT-supported utilisation of capacities

Sustainable packaging & materials

Optimised flow of goods throughout the entire building

Energy-efficient logistics building EG40

Efficient online commerce
With seamless fulfilment

A female person scans a product on the shelf

Efficient online commerce requires smooth e-fulfillment with impeccable after-sales services. With Apiando as your partner, you can focus entirely on your core competencies, customer satisfaction, and a distinctive brand strategy, while we handle all fulfilment and logistics services for you.

As an experienced fulfillment specialist, your success and the satisfaction of your customers are our highest priorities. We prioritise flawless processes, swift order processing, timely shipping, and sustainable, secure warehousing. This way, you can focus on the things that truly matter, and we take care of the rest.

Turning Orders into Smiles
Extract from our customers

For more than ten years, we have been supporting our customers in realising their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To do this, we create the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in the end customer business. More than 100 brands already rely on Apiando as a retailer, consultancy and logistics service provider – and have thus put their e-commerce business in the fast lane.

Our own online retail business began as a start-up. But as the order volume grew, we needed a new solution. Our requirements changed as we grew – and we developed into the company we are today. We have now been operating successfully on the market for more than 10 years and benefit from expertise based on real experience. This has enabled us to gradually build up the capacities that are needed today for a successful e-commerce business and fulfilment.

Get an idea of how our collaboration with our customers has ultimately resulted in effective and realisable growth solutions that have become real success stories. Here we present a selection of our customers in more detail.