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Apiando e-commerce consulting goes far beyond the services offered by a traditional management consultancy or consulting by an online marketing agency or e-commerce agency. Our goal is to get the best of all worlds for you – and that also means that we not only look at the market and your position there, but also take a holistic view of your company and all its processes.

Our e-commerce consulting services are 100% neutral and independent. And we attach particular importance to providing advice from a business perspective. Our focus is on medium-sized companies from the B2C and D2C sectors, as well as start-ups and successful existing companies.

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Our e-commerce consulting
for B2C & D2C – We stand by your side

They are a dime a dozen, the numerous e-commerce agencies, management consultants and consulting firms specialising in digitalisation. For us, it is all the more important to go beyond the standard and provide convincing e-commerce consulting that clearly stands out from the competition and market competitors.

As experienced e-commerce consultants and digital sales experts, we offer you various approaches and procedures to get the best out of your company. You decide which approach suits you, your online business and your company’s situation. In this way, we ensure that the intensity, investment volume and timeframe of the e-commerce consulting always match your wishes. And ultimately, each of our e-commerce consultations always pursues one goal: to increase your company’s success in online retail and digital sales so that you can focus on the important things.

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The Apiando e-commerce consulting

  • Deveopment of marketplace strategies (Amazon, eBay etc.)
  • Digital consulting
  • Content management
  • CRM, sales & service
  • Marketing-automation
  • Brand experience
  • UX- design und usability
  • Platform-integration
  • Data-driven business with BI and AI
  • Inhouse workshops & seminars

Amazon workshops
for sellers & vendors

Our workshops for Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors are not run-of-the-mill seminars that only offer a rough insight into the various functionalities. Our Amazon workshops are always focussed on the current situation of your company and pursue the clear goal of getting you to the top. We therefore always analyse the current performance of your company and present strategies for implementation in the workshop. With our Amazon training courses, you can optimise your Amazon business – under expert guidance, step by step towards success.

With Apiando Amazon training, you benefit from training content that is customised to your company. Of course, we not only take into account the current situation, but also any questions and problems your employees may have. Using illustrative examples, tangible tips and concrete recommendations for action, we ensure that you can easily put the learning content into practice – and soon see the first successes. Thanks to our own work as Amazon sellers, we have many years of experience, which we pass on to you and your team as part of the Amazon workshop.

During the course, you will receive many valuable insider tips and tricks that you can use to establish successful brands and bestselling products on the No. 1 marketplace in Germany.

Apiando Amazon workshop contents

  • Strategy for Amazon
  • Content strategy
  • SEA strategies
  • FBA or FBM logistics
  • Account management and daily doings
  • Marketing / advertising on Amazon
  • Brand protection and writing rights
  • Practical tips & insider information for Amazon

Successful on
Amazon, Kaufland, eBay, Otto and co.

More and more online retailers are opening their digital marketplaces to new brands and manufacturers. Accordingly, the importance of online marketplaces such as the OTTO marketplace, Zalando marketplace, AboutYou marketplace, MediaMarkt marketplace and many other providers is continuously increasing. However, choosing the right marketplace strategy is crucial for long-term success. And this is exactly where Apiando e-commerce consulting comes in, keeping an eye on the most popular marketplaces and up-and-coming new platforms. With our marketplace consulting, we take care of the correct positioning of your brand on various marketplaces and, of course, also take into account the individual brand strategy, which is precisely tailored to your business in advance.

Choosing a marketplace that perfectly suits your company is also part of our goal-orientated and future-oriented e-commerce consulting. In addition to well-established marketplaces such as OTTO, Kaufland, Zalando, Amazon, MediaMarkt, AboutYou and many other providers, new marketplaces are constantly emerging that are worth taking a look at. With the help of our analyses, we guarantee you a comprehensive overview of the current brand presence and the competition on the various marketplaces in the e-commerce sector.

Do you want to benefit from our marketplace optimisation and see your products on the most attention-grabbing shelves of online marketplaces so that the till rings? Then Apiando e-commerce consulting is the perfect way to achieve your goal!

Creating success
Always have your goal in mind

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Our references speak for themselves. We have already managed numerous projects for well-known companies and brands – and therefore know that the best thing about e-commerce consulting is always the strategy behind it. The development of great ideas, the productive workshops, the shared sense of achievement. All of this characterises Apiando’s e-commerce consulting.

For more than ten years, we have been supporting our customers in realising their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To this end, we create the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in end customer communication. More than 100 brands already rely on Apiando as a logistics service provider and e-commerce consultant – and have been able to put their e-commerce business in the fast lane.

Turning Orders into Smiles
Extract from our customers

For more than ten years, we have been supporting our customers in realising their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To do this, we create the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in the end customer business. More than 100 brands already rely on Apiando as a retailer, consultancy and logistics service provider – and have thus put their e-commerce business in the fast lane.

Our own online retail business began as a start-up. But as the order volume grew, we needed a new solution. Our requirements changed as we grew – and we developed into the company we are today. We have now been operating successfully on the market for more than 10 years and benefit from expertise based on real experience. This has enabled us to gradually build up the capacities that are needed today for a successful e-commerce business and fulfilment.

Get an idea of how our collaboration with our customers has ultimately resulted in effective and realisable growth solutions that have become real success stories. Here we present a selection of our customers in more detail.

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