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For more than ten years, we have been helping our customers realise their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To this end, we are creating the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in end customer communication. Already more than 60 brands rely on Apiando as a logistics service provider – and have thus put their e-commerce in the fast lane.

See here how working with our customers has ultimately resulted in effective and achievable growth solutions that become real success stories. Here we present a selection of our customers in more detail.

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Turning Orders
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Our own online retail started in a garage. But as the order volume grew, a new solution was needed. So our requirements changed as we grew – and we developed into the company we are today. We have now been successfully operating on the market for more than 10 years and benefit from a know-how that goes back to real empirical values. This enabled us to gradually build up the capacities that are needed today for a successful e-commerce business and fulfilment.

Apiando is a logistics service provider from Koblenz far more than just storage and shipping. We offer you a holistic approach to e-commerce and fulfilment. In doing so, we go far beyond storage and transport. Our tried and tested systems support our customers in all aspects of logistics, e-commerce and fulfilment.

Apiando at a glance

  • More than 10 years of experience in e-commerce
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Full flexibility and transparent pricing
  • In-house logistics spaces and experienced teams
  • Think Green! logistics building and shipping processes
  • Easy, free integration of your online shop
  • Interfaces to shop systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce & Co. as well as Amazon marketplaces
  • Real-time monitoring with 24 h order and stock overview

The Stryze Group / Razor
D2C brand house & aggregator

The Stryze Group is the D2C brand house of the future. In Germany, The Stryze Group is one of the most important aggregators: they buy up existing brands and scale their performance and sales capacity upwards. Around 40 D2C brands are now under the umbrella of The Stryze Group, which is not limited to buying up existing Amazon brands on a large scale, but has also developed and established brands on Amazon and in the social networks itself.

We take over for Stryze / Razor

  • FBM fulfilment
  • Amazon pre-FBA
  • Returns & remissions
  • Value added services
  • Consultation and setup of goods management
  • Consultation and setup of analytics, data and processes
  • KPI check and monitoring for cost optimisation

Sascha Krause

COO of The Stryze Group

Almost three years ago, when we were in the process of selecting a new fulfilment partner capable of supporting the rapid growth and expansion of our business, we had no idea that our company would grow by 350% in that period. With extreme flexibility, very good people and a mature logistics infrastructure, Apiando has been able to keep pace with our growth and demonstrate its proven support in warehouse management systems and supply chain management. Through close cooperation in our daily work, opportunities constantly arise to increase the added value for our customers. Our partnership with Apiando has been instrumental in providing our customers with the best possible customer service available and has enabled us to strengthen our competitive edge and remain one of the market leaders in our fast-moving industry. .”

Xlyne GmbH
Smart Home & Smart Wear

XLYNE – Intelligent solutions for a networked world!
The business focus of XLYNE GmbH is in the area of smart wearables & smart home. XLYNE manufactures customer brands and its own house brands (OEM business) in the field of non-recorded storage media and multimedia accessories, as well as in the smart home and smart watches sector. The range of services includes the development, production and logistics of customer brands. Items are created from scratch together with XLYNE customers, jointly designed, professionally produced and packaged. XLYNE also provides support in the areas of marketing and sales.

We take over für XLYNE

  • FBM fulfilment
  • B2B fulfilment
  • Value added services
  • Logistics consulting & set-up automation
  • Logistics process definition & implementation
  • Interface development for third-party providers

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More Information

Odyn Leetdesk
Height-adjustable gaming desks

The now hugely successful LeetDesk brand was born from a simple idea: to rethink one of the most underrated gaming accessories. Thus, the classic PC table became an important piece of gaming equipment, designed to offer numerous advantages for gamers. LeetDesk was founded in 2018 and according to leading magazines, the brand now stands for the best gaming desks in the world.

We take over für Odyn Leetdesk

  • FBM fulfilment
  • Packaging concept
  • Returns
  • Value added services
  • Consultation and setup of goods management
  • International expansion

Meiko Tse

CEO of Odyn

Our company is dedicated to Apiando. We looked at various fulfilment service providers and obtained quotes from different suppliers before switching to Apiando. Our orders are far more difficult to fulfil than those from other dealers because we sell gaming tables. Apiando has automation advantages and we have the possibility to view our logistics processes on the internet via the Apiando interface, which is an absolute added value. We migrated to Apiando about 2 years ago and are very happy with our decision. What distinguishes Apiando is how seriously they respond to problems and prevent them from happening again. As a result, Apiando minimised our error rate and delivered excellent service at a very competitive price. .”


As a fulfilment service provider, we take care of goods receipt, storage and order picking – also in connection with packaging, shipping and returns management. In addition, we offer many other e-commerce services to bring your business to the top. To achieve this, we rely on a flexible fulfilment service with a feel-good and satisfaction guarantee. You can rely on efficient processes, short communication channels and a highly motivated team that looks back on more than 10 years in the field of e-commerce.

BEMS Ventures
brands and products that solve everyday problems

BEMS Ventures distributes brands and products that solve everyday problems and offer customers real added value. Wherever possible, the products are produced directly in Germany or Europe. In addition to an already very successful placement on the Amazon marketplace, a large part of the distribution also runs via the company’s own brand shop.

We take over for BEMS

  • FBM fulfilment
  • Prime by Seller DHL
  • Amazon pre-FBA
  • Returns & remissions
  • Value added services
  • Consultation and setup of goods management
  • Finance

Dr. Jan Engling

CEO of BEMS Ventures

Since Day 1 in 2019, the Apiando team has been responsive to our needs and the needs of our customers. The entire organisation understands that customer satisfaction is the key to business throughout the chain. Apiando is a wonderful asset for any company willing to outsource its warehousing and shipping. They treat every request with genuine concern, courtesy and warmth. Every one of our employees loves Apiando.

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