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Apiando offers you a comprehensive and targeted JTL Fulfillment FFN service with a feel-good guarantee. You can rely on our efficient processes, which have been tailored precisely to the needs of your company. Short communication channels and a highly motivated team that can look back on many years of experience round off our service as a JTL fulfilment service provider perfectly.

From start-ups to marketplace providers, from niche products to branded goods – we at Apiando are the JTL logistics provider you can trust.

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As a fulfilment provider, Apiando is
a partner of the JTL Fulfilment Network (FFN)

Get the most out of your online business with our powerful JTL e-commerce logistics! To achieve this, we rely on a professional IT connection, transparent process flows and a clear real-time dashboard that lets you know where you stand at any time.

By outsourcing your logistics to Apiando, you save time and money and can concentrate on the things that are really important in your company. We handle all warehousing processes for you, from storage and order picking to the delivery of your goods. With our JTL fulfilment management, we are already one of the leading JTL fulfilment service providers in Germany. Of course, we work closely with JTL at all times – and so you also benefit from the numerous advantages that are available to you with JTL as one of the leading merchandise management systems in Germany.

The JTL fulfilment network is an intermediary platform for merchants and fulfillers to efficiently outsource logistical processes. We rely on powerful JTL e-commerce logistics, which reliably inform you about your inventory, shipping status and finances at all times. In this way, we guarantee you full control over all important KPIs and processing statuses at all times.

JTL FFN automates everyday warehouse and shipping processes to save costs and time. This process begins with the order, includes transport and warehousing, and ends with delivery to the end customer. No matter what stage your business is in, JTL allows you to get started easily at any time to get the most out of your e-commerce.

Apiando JTL fulfilment at a glance

  • • Flexible warehousing in an optimal location in the centre of Germany
  • • A state-of-the-art logistics centre in Koblenz
  • Sustainable shipping options and professional returns management
  • Fast onboarding and interactive IT connection guaranteed
  • Efficient logistics thanks to automated warehouse and shipping processes as part of the JTL fulfilment network
  • Full control over important KPIs and processing statuses thanks to powerful JTL e-commerce logistics
  • Support with the connection of the logistics processes to the JTL FFN
  • Training and consulting for all JTL software products
  • Optimised, digital management of online and mail order business for JTL shops and JTL IMS
  • Reliable infrastructure with own resources
  • Fast and efficient fulfilment of all orders

Our services
as a JTL fulfilment service provider

With Apiando you can outsource your mail order business under optimal conditions. As a certified service partner of JTL, we support you with the connection of the logistics processes to the entire JTL fulfilment network. For this, we provide you with effective all-round support for JTL Wawi/IMS, the hosting of the JTL Wawi database and the setup of JTL WMS (warehousing management). In addition, we also offer training courses and consulting for all JTL software products.

JTL warehousing

  • State-of-the-art fulfilment centre
  • Storage in pallet and shelving racks
  • Real-time monitoring 24/7
  • Flexible logistics space
  • Shelf life / lot tracking
  • Organic certification

JTL picking

  • Efficient pick & pack processes
  • Pick-by-scan
  • Personalisation
  • Parcel inserts
  • Sustainable filling materials
  • Bundle options
  • Own branding

JTL shipping

  • Flexible shipping partners
  • Late cut-off times
  • International shipping options
  • Tracking transmission
  • Shipping notifications
  • Express shipping
  • Prime shipping

JTL returns

  • Acceptance of all types of returns
  • ABC classifications
  • Sorting and quality inspection
  • Reprocessing and repackaging
  • Sustainable disposal
  • Realisations


  • Basic set-up
  • Warehouse planning and logistics consulting
  • Shipping service provider connection
  • JTL-Packtisch+
  • Automation processes
  • Efficicient pick lists

JTL service

  • Data integration
  • Data validation
  • KPI analyses
  • SQL queries
  • Technical support, JTL training and JTL consulting
  • System check

Step-by-step explanation
JTL fulfilment (FFN) with Apiando

We at Apiando are a certified provider and partner of the JTL fulfilment network. This enables us to guarantee efficient fulfilment, ensure short communication channels and create transparency for our customers. The established fulfilment process is always geared to the requirements of our customers in order to be able to act in a cost-saving and targeted manner. Apiando offers its own resources and a reliable infrastructure for the fulfilment of all orders. This also includes our modern fulfilment centre, which offers excellent logistical networking.

1. Incoming orders

We automatically receive your complete order data via the JTL fulfilment network. The synchronisation of the shop system with the JTL FFN thus enables a quick and easy exchange of order and product data.

2. Order validation

Once your order has been submitted, we confirm your order and start the fulfilment process. With the help of our modern IT interfaces you can call up, view or edit the order and stock status of the goods at any time.

3. Picking

Our pick-by-scan picking process with automated quantity control ensures effective and error-free picking of goods. Just-in-time delivery is ensured by our intelligent WMS warehouse system.

4. Packing

Apiando stands for professional and secure packaging. We provide sustainable packaging solutions – personalised or with your own branding on request. In this way, we create additional added value for our customers and the end customer.

5. Shipping

We work with the best shipping providers and offer late cut-off times. Reliable shipping of your Amazon Prime by Seller (FBM) as well as eBay Plus shipments is thus guaranteed at all times.

6. Monitoring

Track your order through various reports in real time. If you want to change the shipping address for an order or cancel an order, this is possible at any time until the dispatch label is printed.

JTL fulfilment service provider
Support by Apiando

Online retail is all about fast, customer-friendly and reliable processing. Through the use of the JTL software modules in cooperation with Apiando, you can focus entirely on the growth and scalability of your business – we take care of the logistics in the background. Whether orders are placed in the webshop, by e-mail or by telephone, all order data is processed seamlessly via our system and can be viewed transparently by you at any point.

We think ahead for your success. We manage the databases, administer and maintain the inventory on a daily basis and pack, assemble and ship together with invoice and delivery note at favourable conditions. Our highly motivated team is at your side for all questions and concerns regarding e-commerce logistics and ensures a delivery that also satisfies the end customer – at the right time, in the right packaging, to the right address. For us, everything runs under the motto: Flawless, sustainable and attractive for all involved.

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