Pre-FBA fulfillment
for Amazon sellers

More than half of the annual online retail in Germany takes place on Amazon. The competition is therefore great. Anyone who wants to sell profitably on Amazon needs more than just a sophisticated e-commerce strategy. Successful sellers on Amazon also rely on reliable pre-FBA or FBA fulfilment.

Would you like to save on Amazon FBA costs or ensure your products are delivered to Amazon on time? The Apiando pre-FBA service for Amazon FBA takes your logistics workload off you. We take care of the Amazon fulfilment service for you – from goods receipt to warehousing and shipping.

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Save Amazon costs
with the Apiando pre-FBA service

Fulfilment by Amazon, also known as FBA for short, is Amazon’s internal logistics and fulfilment offering. For retailers and manufacturers, this system offers enormous advantages because Amazon relieves them of the shipping to the end customers. This guarantees fast order processing and punctual delivery of goods and products. Amazon Prime customers in particular benefit from the marketplace’s FBA offer.

At the same time, Amazon FBA also comes with challenges for manufacturers and online shops. If you wish to take advantage of the offer, you are responsible for sending Amazon your products in good time. You will also be responsible for stock levels and deliveries to FBA shipping centres. This mainly means an additional organisational effort, but also enormous storage and warehousing costs in the Amazon warehouse.

This is exactly where Apiando’s pre-FBA fulfilment service comes in. We take care of the logistics for your Amazon business – giving you the time you need to focus on the important things in your business. In addition to importing and transporting goods, our pre-FBA fulfilment service also includes warehousing and compliant shipping to Amazon. Apiando, as one of the leading fulfilment service providers, is the first choice for a fast and professional pre-FBA fulfilment service.

Apiando pre-FBA at a glance

  • Worldwide import of your goods into our fulfilment centre
  • Goods inspection upon receipt and preparation of goods according to Amazon guidelines
  • Store your products with us and save Amazon FBA storage costs
  • Receiving, storage, picking, shipping and returns from a single source
  • FBA-compliant preparation, labelling and packaging
  • Favourable shipping conditions to all Amazon FBA warehouses or use of the Amazon transport partner programme
  • Review and reprocess Amazon FBA returns and remissions
  • Uncomplicated and thorough disposal of damaged goods

Our Apiando
pre-FBA logistics services

We are the right contact for holistic e-commerce planning and strategic logistics management. Our offering includes reliable goods handling, secure warehousing, professional order picking, fast shipping, value-added services and experienced handling of Amazon FBA returns.

1. Goods receipt

Avoid expensive long-term storage costs at the Amazon logistics centre – send your products directly to us. We take care of the intermediate storage for you in our efficient and modern fulfilment centre.

2. Check

After receipt of the goods, we check the goods for integrity and completeness. We then store the products for you in our warehouse – transparently, safely and according to your specifications.

3. Packaging

We ensure that your products are reliably packaged and meet all Amazon guidelines. This is how we prepare the goods for onward transport to the relevant Amazon logistics centre.

4. Labeling

We mark and label your goods according to Amazon guidelines. Value-added services such as product leaflets, product finishing or individual labelling are also available.

5. FBA shipping

Apiando prepares your goods safely and reliably for shipment to the Amazon warehouse and ensures seamless delivery on site. We take over all tasks and processes of the warehouse and transport logistics for you.

6. FBA remissions

In addition to all goods shipped to Amazon FBA, we will also handle and verify your FBA remissions. Thanks to many years of practical experience, we know exactly what is important in Amazon’s returns processing.

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Quality and performance
The pre-FBA service from Apiando

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Apiando’s pre-FBA services offer you an affordable and efficient intermediate and replenishment warehouse. With us, you keep your storage costs at Amazon low and have the option of having replenishment quantities delivered to Amazon at short notice at any time.

In addition to our favourable rental conditions, secure and dry storage facilities and state-of-the-art fulfilment, we also provide you with a professional team that responds to all questions and requirements at short notice and without complications. The latest IT interfaces allow us to quickly implement all your logistical wishes.

In all our FBA fulfilment services we rely on transparent communication and flexible problem solving. Apiando thinks along with you and enables you to optimise costs in all areas. This way, you can buy higher quantities from your suppliers, secure lower prices and strengthen your business for the future.

FBA returns management
Reduce return costs

As part of our professional FBA returns logistics, we process your Amazon FBA returns quickly and efficiently. This way you can optimise your logistical return costs and achieve savings – with fast and uncomplicated solutions.

We use a variety of tools to minimise the number of returns you make. At the same time, FBA returns that nevertheless arise are processed quickly and reliably. Intact goods are reprocessed to be quickly put back on sale. For damaged goods, we rely on uncomplicated disposal. The fast and reliable processing of FBA returns ensures greater customer satisfaction and thus increases your sales in the long term.

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Imports with Apiando
Land, sea freight, air freight or rail

The handling of sea freight shipments is a focal point of our import activities. Apiando has a global network of partner companies. Thanks to our extensive network in Europe, Asia and the USA, we can offer air and sea freight services with reserved capacity on all major trade routes. Our door-to-door service includes pre-carriage, delivery to Apiando, storage at the Apiando fulfilment centre and picking, repacking, relabelling and shipping to your customer.

From general cargo (LCL) shipments, which we pack into our own groupage containers with regular departures in various ports around the world, especially in Shanghai and Yantian, to full containers (FCL) and project shipments – we can always offer the solution that best suits your needs.

Turning Orders into Smiles
Extract from our customers

For more than ten years, we have been supporting our customers in realising their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To do this, we create the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in the end customer business. More than 100 brands already rely on Apiando as a retailer, consultancy and logistics service provider – and have thus put their e-commerce business in the fast lane.

Our own online retail business began as a start-up. But as the order volume grew, we needed a new solution. Our requirements changed as we grew – and we developed into the company we are today. We have now been operating successfully on the market for more than 10 years and benefit from expertise based on real experience. This has enabled us to gradually build up the capacities that are needed today for a successful e-commerce business and fulfilment.

Get an idea of how our collaboration with our customers has ultimately resulted in effective and realisable growth solutions that have become real success stories. Here we present a selection of our customers in more detail.

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