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Do you currently handle your logistics yourself, but feel that your systems and processes are slowly reaching their limits? Is your growth exceeding your storage capacity and you can’t keep up with shipping? Perhaps you already have a fulfilment service provider at your side, but would like to create more transparency and reduce fulfilment costs?

In all these cases – and many more – we at Apiando are the right partner for you. We have been dedicated to modern e-commerce fulfilment for many years and are at your side not only with our capacities, but also with comprehensive expertise, comprehensive advice and unconditional transparency.

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our JTL consulting

We help you to successfully build and optimise your e-commerce business in the long term by integrating modern and innovative JTL products. JTL is a leading manufacturer of software solutions for e-commerce and logistics and offers you numerous opportunities to establish your business on the market.

As an official JTL service partner and JTL fulfilment specialist, we at Apiando help you take advantage of these opportunities and get the most out of your systems. This includes comprehensive JTL IMS (Wawi) support, a wide range of training courses and advice on all aspects of JTL Shop hosting, help with setting up the JTL WMS and the development of numerous logistics and fulfilment solutions that can be customised to perfectly complement your business. To do this, we draw on many years of experience that we have gained not only in advising our JTL fulfilment customers, but also in our own JTL fulfilment business. As JTL consultants, we not only know in theory what is important for the efficient and strategic growth of your online business, but also experience the practical requirements first-hand on a daily basis – and utilise this in all JTL consultations.

Apiando is there for you – whether it’s setting up your JTL shop, switching ERP systems, interface connections, optimisations or JTL hosting. We take on every challenge relating to the modern and innovative JTL systems. To do this, we draw on both theoretical knowledge and actual practical experience. This approach allows us to work with you to develop a customised solution strategy that perfectly matches your requirements profile.

Apiando’s specialty:
JTL fulfilment (FFN) & JTL WMS

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Apiando doubly impressive: We are not only a certified JTL service partner, but also offer you years of logistics experience and practical know-how as a JTL fulfilment service provider. In our logistics centre in Koblenz, we even manage complex orders without any problems with a high degree of flexibility and optimal JTL fulfilment connection. As a reliable JTL service consultant, we are at your side for any queries regarding JTL support.

Do you want to plan in-house, outsource or implement the most effective combination of both? With Apiando and the JTL fulfilment network, you can manage your growing sales, expansion goals in other countries and staff shortages in the warehouse quickly, cheaply and flexibly. Benefit from our experience with our own JTL fulfilment business and a network of numerous satisfied JTL fulfilment customers. You benefit from the experience we have gained over the years – and so you have the necessary capacity to concentrate on the really important things.

We are your strategic service partner for JTL logistics and help you through complete and transparent JTL support, through JTL training courses online or on-site and through our continuous JTL consulting, whenever you have questions. Save costs, automate processes and make your online business as profitable as possible – with Apiando as a certified JTL service partner at your side.

Making the most of warehouse resources
Consultation for the JTL WMS warehouse management

The JTL WMS (warehouse management system) is a software solution for the efficient use of your warehouse capacities and goods processes. The system helps you automate logistical processes in your day-to-day business and organises the processes of inventory, picking and goods movement in a strategically sensible and efficient manner. With expertise and experience, we support you in setting up your JTL WMS project and integrate the system firmly into your business process. If you wish, we can of course also assist you with all other WMS processes.

Get the most out of your JTL WMS and increase your turnover figures to make efficient and profit-maximising use of the supply chain. We would also be happy to advise you on further topics related to JTL. You can simply arrange a JTL online consultation with us or directly request an appointment on site. Simply contact us via our contact details.

Together, we make sure that you become or remain competitive – independent of competition, cost-saving and neutral with comprehensive JTL consulting.

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Setup and configuration of JTL

We provide standardised settings for the JTL Wawi – and also set up complex additional configurations of required software components and add-ons from JTL and/or third-party providers for you on request.

Workflow and automation of JTL

Our services as a JTL partner also include setting up simple workflows to make work easier as well as sophisticated automations with which external programmes and services can be conveniently controlled.

Processes and control of the JTL systems

Together with you, we create strategically sensible processes and holistic warehouse and store concepts, also including JTL WMS and JTL POS. You can rely on many years of tried-and-tested

Integrate print templates and forms in JTL

Existing print and mail templates in the JTL system can be adapted and/or extended by us. In addition, a configuration of the various forms in JTL Wawi and JTL shop is possible without any problems.

Customising and expansion of the JTL systems

We create sophisticated plugins for the JTL shop for you and develop useful extensions for the JTL Wawi – in order to provide you with real added value within the complex infrastructures and to advance your company.

Support and training around the JTL products

With Apiando as a certified JTL service partner, reliable and fast support is available to you – even for short queries. In addition, you can take advantage of comprehensive training and individual workshops that provide even demanding users with the necessary know-how.

Apiando is a service partner for JTL-IMS (Wawi)
The heart of JTL software

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JTL Wawi is a leading merchandise management software solution that automates e-commerce processes and connects all common online retail processes to the JTL fulfilment network. For your JTL Wawi project, we are at your side as an expert JTL service partner at every step – from implementation to daily workflow.

The work with JTL Wawi particularly focuses on the optimisation of existing process costs. Numerous internal services are already integrated free of charge in the JTL inventory management system and thus help you automate and simplify daily routine tasks. In this way, even small changes can achieve great success – especially in the areas of ordering, purchasing and product listing or catalogue maintenance. We help you get the most out of your JTL IMS – with comprehensive JTL IMS consultation.

Turning Orders into Smiles
Extract from our customers

For more than ten years, we have been supporting our customers in realising their individual growth potential in e-commerce. To do this, we create the necessary capacities to be well prepared for the dynamic change in requirements in the end customer business. More than 100 brands already rely on Apiando as a retailer, consultancy and logistics service provider – and have thus put their e-commerce business in the fast lane.

Our own online retail business began as a start-up. But as the order volume grew, we needed a new solution. Our requirements changed as we grew – and we developed into the company we are today. We have now been operating successfully on the market for more than 10 years and benefit from expertise based on real experience. This has enabled us to gradually build up the capacities that are needed today for a successful e-commerce business and fulfilment.

Get an idea of how our collaboration with our customers has ultimately resulted in effective and realisable growth solutions that have become real success stories. Here we present a selection of our customers in more detail.

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